Organic raw wild fermented pickles

Our organic pickles are made using a traditional natural fermentation process
which has been an essential part of a healthy human diet throughout the world for thousands of years.
We do not rely on any starters to prepare our fermented pickles neither do we add
any antioxidants or acidity regulators. We only use organic vegetables, unrefined rock salt, organic herbs and spices.


Organic vegan spreads

A range of delicious savoury, vegan friendly spreads.

Simple and wholesome ingredients are used to make these delicious products.

No cheap fillers and additives ever used.


Organic raw snacks 

Organic guilt free snacks.

Simple ingredients, no added sugar, not heat treated.


Organic raw honey & bee pollen

Our organic raw honey, is honey that has been cold extracted and not pasteurised.
It is not infused with any flavouring or other substances and is straight from the hive.
This preserves all the natural beneficial qualities that are present in real honey.
Bee pollen is one of nature’s most completely nourishing foods, with nearly all the nutrients required by humans.
It is not surprising that it has been used for energy and endurance since ancient times.
A single teaspoonful contains over two and a half billion nutrient packed flower pollen granules.


Organic naturally fermented kefir

Traditionally fermented by a living colony of different strains of bacteria and yeast.
The various types of beneficial microflora contained in kefir make it one of the most potent probiotic foods available.
Contains both probiotics and essential enzymes. Rich in vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids.

The kefir imparts a traditional flavour, full of natural goodness.